About Us

Truly Desi came into existence in June 2018 as a means to bridge the gap that has been prevailing in the Indian dairy and farming industry. The story behind our brand is that of love, care, and the need to do the right thing.

Seven years ago, as her young daughter battled a disease caused by adulterated milk, Rupali Kakade (Founder. Truly Desi) was frantically surfing the internet to find out from where major dairy brands were sourcing their milk. What she realized was that most big brands did not make their sources known publicly-which raised questions in her mind. Meanwhile, her daughter's condition was getting worse. She decided to buy cows for her farm in Junnar for milk and dairy products. It worked and thus she went on to set up Truly Desi to bring farm fresh, adulteration-free dairy products to a market that lacked such options.



VisionTruly Desi comes with a vision to bring a unique experience to our customers with their choice of dairy products. We want to support sustainable organic farming on a greater scale with comprehensive traceability, seamless service, and quality assurance. Our aim also constitutes the conservation and breeding of Indian cow breeds.

MissionOur mission is to offer farm-fresh milk and milk products directly to consumers at the best possible prices with 100% quality assurance.