Vrindavan Vedic Farms

Experience the Farm Life at Vrindavan Vedic Farms!


Key Features 

  • Cuddling and Feeding the Freely Grazing Gir Cows. 
  • Calves being fed first before milking in clean and spacious cow shed.
  • Lush green Coconut, Banana and Papaya orchard.
  • Participating in Cultivation, Weeding and Harvesting processes.
  • Observe Multi Cropping, Crop Rotation and Mulching techniques for better Soil health.
  • Making Gir Cow Cultured Ghee using traditional Bilona method.
  • Harvesting of around 40 varieties of Organic Vegetables and Fruits.
  • In-house Cow Based Organic Fertilizer Unit.
  • Flowform technique for Fertilizer mixing.
  • Biogas Plant for Electricity Generation and Slurry formation.
  • Daily Agnihotra for attracting Positive energy and Spiritual awakening. 

Escape the Metro Traffic and enjoy a few peaceful hours in the lap of nature along with your Friends and Family. 

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